July 19, 2005

Dont hold your breath

UK Muslim leaders and politicians agree to tackle terrorism "head on", says Tony Blair.

Even the BBC site says that they don't stand much of a chance, as they have as much contact with radical ideologists as they do with alchoholics. For years all these mosques have been enthusiasticaly "rooting out extremism" at the behest of the government, now the government wants them to be missionaries to these same people. Sorry I don't think its going to work.

Hamza said these people

"Sold their religion for a jar of honey and a passport from Tony Blair"

I do not doubt that everyone who represented radical ideology at the US embassy protest agreed with his statement.

I do not share Abu Hamza's religious views, or hold an opinion as to which Muslims are good and which are bad as long as they all agree that terrorism of innocents is against the Koran.

As you may have gathered by now, I have doubt in my mind as to Abu Hamza's terrorist status. How he spoke, his demeanour in the street, those closest to him, none of it fitted. Standing in the street defending what he was, for over a year and his willingness to go on TV to try and explain himself also caused this doubt in me.

I am really sorry if you hope he is a terrorist and this offends you. All I have done for two years is to try and engage with the sort of people Mr. Blairs Muslim buddies are now suddenly looking for ways to approach.

It is a shame Hamza hated the government so much. He might have been very useful in this situation. I know it sounds ridiculous now, but the BBC tried to engage with him properly once here. (download zip) Watching him mellow over a year of fielding relentless questions from the kaffir media like myself, it almost seemed like the questioning itself was "rehabilitating" him although of course no one got to see this process on TV.

He always seemed to enjoy the cameras. I thought that the media industry could have absorbed him. Even giving him no attention at all would have been better for us in the long run than vilification. As for his friends I hope they would disown any Muslim who wanted to kill innocents here whilst there are Muslims directly suffering in places like Chechenya.

But how many Muslims are there in this country who might think Hamza a "soft Muslim"?


RightwingSparkle said...

So are you saying that reasonable Muslims (those who don't wish to blow up people) will end up suffering at the hands of those extemists? Do you think there will be a sort of internal war there?

Do you think that reasonable Muslims are afraid to speak too loudly?

DAVE BONES said...

you comment almost before I put a post up. No I don't think I am saying that reasonable Muslims will end up suffering at the hands of extemists.

I am not sure what I am saying really. I am a bit hungover after yesterday.

I've been racking my brains trying to think of ways forward for a few days now. The most useful suggestion involves bringing you guys over, but we've heard nothing.

Maybe if you and Abdullah shared a blog where you both put your views as tactfully as possible to each other.

I don't think he'd do it. Its hard enough getting an email back from any of them sometimes.

I cant think of much else though. I will ask about.