July 28, 2005

What do you reckon?

The original image I copied from the BBC website...


The Scrutinator said...

I think his arm is bent at the elbow, above the bar, maybe with his hand going into his pocket. What's beneath the bar isn't his arm but the edge of that wall, going all the way to the top of the picture. See how it's above his arm (by his shoulder), too. Arm, backpack, and wall's edge are indistinguishable in that small area.

The reflection in that picture would have had to be doctored, too.

Expect 7/7 conspiracy theories to follow the pattern of 9/11 conspiracy theories. Sadly, though, they distract us from the truth, and propagating and debunking them is time and energy better spent elsewhere.

DAVE BONES said...

i can see wall. But that would be a short arm to the elbow.

You don't like conspiracy theories?