July 16, 2005


Congratulations to Richard and Jojo!


Born of Jojo & Richard

Tuesday 12th July 2.28pm

The first time it occurred to me to ask Richard to help me on this project was after the IWC Media deal bit the dust. I was at a loss as to what to do, and Richard had been teaching me, and fellow “activists” (I am more of a “passive-ist” myself…) at various European creative forum meetings which travelled between a number of vibrant squatted community spaces in London..

Thinking that he would be the usual amateur activist, filming clowns invading Mc Donalds I was surprised to learn that he was an award winning film maker who had also managed to force the suspension of Parliament during the Hutton debate with his fellow Oxford activists.

Richard came to the mosque and met Abdullah and the crew. In the next week I missed a meeting with Abdullah and we fell out. I began a one sided email war. .


Months later I read that they lost the mosque and was told about the Mirror article. I subsequently spoke to Abdullah and Barry (the Boss) to get both sides of this story. I like Barry and Abdullah to be honest. I can see that this is where, (as the scrutinator points out) my arguments become weak and flaky. I sort of trust both sides, but am aware that they conflict.

Months later Richard finally met Abdullah and we got their agreement to pitch a documentary about them. What a ridiculous journey. Richard didn’t have to say a lot.

“They cant change it or re edit it. Its Daves film.”

Afterwards, quite spontaneously we got totally sloshed in the nearest pub. I hadn’t had much of a chance to get to know Richard, but as inebriation set in I became more and more convinced he was a Godsend, and led much more of a "malung lifestyle" than I incidentally.

We ended up taking pills at a squat party in Deptford.

Three days later I remembered that I had left my bike locked up outside the pub. I went back and it was no longer there.I would have been a bit disappointed with the local hoodlums if it had been to be honest.

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