July 08, 2005


Name and shame all the bastards who profited from terror yesterday! Fucking hotels doubling their prices. Wankers. Should be ashamed of themselves. I found it understandably difficult to get anyone to look after my bag outside the Old Bailey today.

The fucking Injuns in the Spar (small uk supermarket) wanted £5. I went back to the Italians for £2 but was honestly suprised anyone would take it in the circumstances. So happens a friend of mine walked past who works in nearby leather lane so I am sorted for next week.

I've found another link. La Stampa. Is that like, the La Stampa? As in the Italian national newspaper?

And what does

Qualcuno saputo delle accuse ad Al Qaeda parla di Abu Hamza.


Is it another person calling me a fucking terrorist lover?

I'm afraid I still can't tell you what is happening in court today. I've considered sending my notes to Republican bloggers to publish in America. Would that still be illegal? Don't want to piss the judge off. I've actually heard a couple of cases quoted which might be helpful to my squatting buddies.

I am a bit frustrated being a blogger who would like to scoop the big boys. (sorry I AM NOT A BLOGGER am I Matt drudge?) Suffice to say that if you know anything about this case the "legal arguments" taking place are BLEEDIN' OBVIOUS ones.

I wish I could post a picture of all the journalists on the press bench secretly reading their newspapers. Hamza's not interested, journalists not interested, that leaves me, the judge and two barristers! Fuck it, I'm going to blog about celebrities or reality TV instead.

Anyway, on to the title of this post-

If ever you get a chance to watch a film called What the bleep do we know? watch it. It is ENLIGHTENMENT IN A MOVIE. Fucking amazing. When I first saw fractals, and how for the first time a computer could really rival man as an artist I thought- Yes. That is the answer and the question rolled into one. Fractals are a huge influence on my own artwork.

I've heard of particle physicists and quantum mechanics (mechanicals?) getting excited about their shit in a "spiritual way" but this film is the first to explain to me how and why. Watch it, and when you do, stick a little comment up here if you have the time! I would be interested to know what you think, regardless what you think of me.

When it comes to religion I am a strange one. Those who read this blog may be surprised that I have never been tempted by Islam. I lost a very deeply held Christian faith at the age of 16 mainly because of sex drugs and rock and roll (although they came to me reverse order).

I certainly am not "anti-god concept" at all, and am wondering why I still have group membership to the quality control alliance. I am beginning to think that I am a pantheist, but that is probably only because a friend of mine who is an RE teacher left a book on pantheism around the house.

As a general rule when people ask me what I believe I always say that I don't believe in belief. There either is a God or there isn't one. What I believe makes no difference to that fact. Being a malung, Hinduism isn't far from my "pantheon". It is also to my knowledge, the only religion in recent times to have a genuine miracle reported internationally on television.

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I.:.S.:. said...

You're in La Stampa! That's the funniest thing ever! All that the phrase means is something like "someone who knows about the accusations [of Hamza's al-Qaeda connections] speaks about Abu Hamza".