September 27, 2005

44 oil spills found in southeast Louisiana
Largest is nearly 4 million gallons, most big ones are on Mississippi River.

I don't know why Bio-diesel as a fuel hasn't got a huge great push from all this. Millions of Texan's on the move, running out of petrol, in a diesel truck in that temperature you could pass them all filling up from behind the fast food stops.

Does no one own a deisel engined car in the states?


tregen said...


The president of the US has the power to issue "Pardons" basically executive immunity. A pardon may issued after a person has been convicted of a crime (this is how it is usually done but there is nothing to prevent the president from "Pardoning" everyone who may have committeed crimes in the rebuilding of iraq (or something like that). Generally, this is done at the end of a presidency so as to avoid the uproar that occurs every time it is done. Clinton pardoned a bunch of folks and the republicans got their panties all in a wad, obviously we will have to wait to see if my predictions are tre.

DAVE BONES said...

Not cost efficient? It is free from the back of the chip shop. 21p tax (in this country) can't go wrong. No money to oil dictators of any colour.

As oil crisis grows maybe people will use bio-fuel. Maybe by then it will be too late.

I.:.S.:. said...

He is saying you can run a diesel on vegetable oil (yep, the kind you cook with). Apparently performance suffers a bit, and you get a smell of frying french fries, but it works...

BigDog said...

Diesel is used by trucks, semi-tractor/trailers, farm equipment, and many military vehicles.

Most of us 'civilians' don't care for diesel's performance, smell, expense, and in northern climes there are maintenance and start-up issues.

There is a lot of talk about bio-diesel and other alternative vehicle fuels. Great. If they are economical viable options, people will use them.

Rule of thumb: Any such alternate fuel that needs subsidies - like ethanol gets - to exist is obviously not viable.

DAVE BONES said...

Everyone I've talked to who uses ,biodiesel says the performance is better than straight diesel in every area. Miles per gallon, aceleration, top speed, everything.

The problem is when it is very cold it congeals and impacts on the injector pumps leaving a destructive resin.

People sort this out by putting a low power heating element (like inside a kettle) in the tank.

Some people have dual tanks and start on diesel and switch over.

When the Iraq war started I tried to convince a TV company to back me and a mate driving to the Iraq border and back blagging (getting for free) old cooking oil along the way.

(old oil is better. you filter it with paper towels and add a thimble full of kerosene)

I cannot understand why people in Arab countries dont boycott oil and run veg oil in serious numbers.

I suggested it to Hamza's muslim buddies- and they didn't seem to believe in global warming either!

crazy world.

BigDog said...

in Arab countries with oil, gas is really inexpensive. Not practical to use other fuels. Gas in Iraq now is 5 cents a gallon.

I.:.S.:. said...

"Diesel is used by trucks, semi-tractor/trailers, farm equipment, and many military vehicles. "

Surely you've seen the new so-called "diesel sports", Saab have one, I know... Modern engines that supposedly overcome some of the (minor) hassles of diesel engines. I haven't tried.

"in Arab countries with oil, gas is really inexpensive. Gas in Iraq now is 5 cents a gallon."

Yeah someone who went there told me the whole place stank of petro-chemicals... they used it to clean with, as a detergent...

I.:.S.:. said...

There is also a diesel turbine motorbike, basically a jet turbine engine with wheels with backward-facing video cameras hooked to colour LCD screens instead of rear-view mirrors...

DAVE BONES said...

I wrote the guys who made that an email once. They got back to me but when I tried to propose a TV idea to them they wouldn't answer. There is a company which makes diesel engines for trailbikes for the army in the UK.

The advantage there is to have a single fuel source on the battlefield.