September 15, 2005

Here's more than a whiff:

Galloway: "you know Hitchens you are a court jester at the court of the bourbon bushes"

Hitchens counters: "I suppose Mr Galloway we have to congratulate you for being absolutely consistent in your 100% support for unmentionable thugs and criminals"

It was the grapple in the Big Apple.

For almost two hours, Gorgeous George and the intellectual scruff his friends call Hitch hurled abuse at one another, British political theatre of the kind Americans rarely see.The two men continued to slug it out. Hitchens had this assault on Galloway's links with the Saddam regime:

"How can a man who is a business partner with this regime show their face in a city like this? The man's search for a tyrannical fatherland never ends. The Soviet Union's let him down. Albania's gone. The Red Army's out of Afghanistan and Czechoslovakia. The hunt persists!"

And Galloway on blisteringly good form accusing Hitchens of betraying the British left by supporting the Iraq war.

Galloway: "What you have witnessed. is something unique in natural history. The first ever metamorphosis from a butterfly back into a slug. You did write like an angel, but now you work for the devil and damn you and all your works."

from channel 4 snowmails

watch channel 4 news report here

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