September 07, 2005


OK. One of the main reasons I've put all this before Republicans as an audience first is because I am a bit daunted about the scale of the subject I am involved in.

The implications, if what they guys I have been filming are saying has any truth would be that John Ashcoft is a liar, and the case against Mr. Ujaama and Mr. Hamza has been fabricated.

I can see that Mr Hamza's crew believe that a massive media machine has fabricated all the stuff down the side of my blog. I have no idea. I am interested in the other side. It's here. I am sure all of the Islamists are disappointed that it is someone as gonzo as me, (except maybe Jamal and Hajj) but there you are.

When this "machine" rolls into action again about all things Hamza next year I don't want it to roll over me.

I don't agree with Republicans or Fundamental Islamists. I care about both of them. A solution HAS to be found between them eventually. Maybe I'm looking for it a bit too early. I wanted Republicans, as my hardest audience to go through and shoot down anything a techno-pagan, neo-communist or maybe neo-communalist like myself would put forward so that when this story goes ballistic at some point next year (depending on the trial restarting in January and when the judge lifts reporting restrictions etc) I am prepared for all eventualities.

If I maintain my position on this subject, and if, for instance Mr. Hamza some how makes it (unlikely I think) to Guantanamo Bay, or if he is set free (even less likely) I realise I could be in a heap of trouble with a whole load of Rightwingers who might suddenly discover me at the same time without knowing who I am.

Oxen was the first to call me "Terrorist lover" drawing 70 hits to this blog as details of innocent members of my community being blown apart were emerging. It shit me up really badly.

My text message to Mike was probably the surrealist "what the jibbering fuck have i got myself involved in" memories of the time.

We've sorted that all out and Oxen's link is there in my "blogs to the right" section. A few more of Oxen I could handle. Anything on a larger scale, of course I couldn't. Whether the media have stuck mud on Mr. Hamza or truth, some of them are very good at mud and do such things for sport.

I don't want to be a "shot messenger" if I can help it.

I am aware that I am deliberately cultivating an insurance policy in the blogsphere of Republican's that do know me and I am very grateful for help, support and understanding recieved so far. Besides that, we've had a bit of fun, even though we are in a very desperate situation. The only thing in the mainstream media so far about this blog is in Italian and I'm not too disapointed about that. Though I was suprised to be mentioned on the same article alongside some blogging heavy-weights.

Another christian republican who has made a big effort (sorry about the stupid amount of time it takes to download in the states) is Right and Blond who has helped me a lot already by writing about Preachers of Hate here.

Cheers dude.


BigDog said...

I think you get closer to these guys than most journalists. Dangerous part you are playing, I think, but perhaps an important one.

DAVE BONES said...

You know what I mean? When I first started filming, talking in a friendly manner to them openly under the eye of a police camera I used to look over my shoulder continually as I cycled off.

I spoke to a few Muslim's who turned up to see what the fuss was about for a few sessions. They said that stern people in suits made it very obvious that they were watching them as they went around their buisness.

I can see why the government would do this for "my saftey". Though I wish they did the same thing as me for my saftey too.

Maybe there is an easy way of solving this that doesn't cost so many lives. I suggested at the time that David Blunkett and Abu Hamza be locked together in a "big brother" situation for my saftey.

One has no sight, the other has no hands. Forced to co-operate for our viewing pleasure they'd sort everything out in no time.

My other suggestion was to bring sparkle and co over to chat to them. Its been turned down once. Does anyone know how to approach US doc channels? they dont make it obvious on their websites. I've had no replies.