September 02, 2005

Satan verses Galloway

I'm still not sure what Harry's place is about but I read an interesting post there about a TV clash between George Galloway and Salman Rushdie that I am sad I missed.

The Satanic verses is one of my favourite works of fiction, though the part which allegorizes Mohamed's early life isn't anything that I would focus on. I haven't discussed it with Abdullah or Hamza as I am sure they wouldn't have read it. I was drawn to the book out of curiosity having very much enjoyed "Midnights Children". If I remember rightly there are three separate stories running through the book. One is a surreal and magical tale of London through a young Muslim's eye's in the 1950s, another is a tale of how a naked girl who is covered in buterflies becomes a talisman to her fellow villager's who up stick's and follow her to the sea.

The story starts with a plane splitting in half over the English channel. We follow two people who fall out of it and survive. One want's to survive, the other one doesn't. The whole story is rooted in a fantastic imagination.

I found it interesting that Rushdie " described Muslim leaders in Britain as "a joke, because no one follows them"."

I don't think I have met a Muslim who wouldn't agree with this.


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