September 23, 2005


Boooo! Fuck you rabbit!

The Mirror:

TROUBLED Kate Moss finally said sorry yesterday for her cocaine binge scandal...

"I want to apologise to all of the people I have let down because of my behaviour, which has reflected badly on my family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others..."

She confided to brother Nick, 29, that she might enter rehab in a cynical PR ploy to save her career - "or it won't look good"...

But several fashion giants have now ditched her.

And PR gurus believe yesterday's confession came too late.

Max Clifford said: "It looks like she's making a gesture because she's losing a lot of money.

"If she had made her apology before these fashion houses dumped her, it would have been more authentic. This reeks of being commercially motivated, a calculated move.

"She should have apologised straight away.

"She needed to go on TV and pour her heart out to convince people that she's sincere, genuine and facing up to her problems."

Great idea! Cry on TV Kate. Show remorse. Pour your heart out. We love seeing millionare cokeheads crying on TV. Can't cry? Well sniff then. I'm sure you can sniff...


"I absolutely confess that my whole industry STINKS. Anorexic bitches, coked out of their heads on stupid amounts of money because their face fits one end, slave labour of children because their fingers fit and their stomachs are empty the other end. ALL OF YOU are living off of it. ALL OF YOU hypocritical wankers are wearing it ALL THE TIME. If the 7/7 posse BOMBED THE LOT OF YOU instead of bombing random members of the public on their way to work in the shape of a cross they might grudgingly deserve some respect, NOW FUCK OFF AND PUT YOUR FUCKING NOSES BACK IN THE TROUGH YOU HYPOCRITICAL BUNCH OF WANKERS."

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