September 21, 2005


Watch TV. Its good for you. I was watching some "ITV celebrate 50 years" or "Tarant on TV 20 yr aniversary" last night and it did get me thinking as to what a splendid medium the old box has been. Jerry Springer's on screen bust up with the neo-nazi who wanted to turn him into a lampshade, the "rape" call. Disturbing but groundbreaking stuff. Simon Cowells rise to fame in the US. Amazing. I know I promised not to blog about Big Brother, but the on-screen moments captured for the first time on this medium, Jade's one night stand scenario, Nasty Nick getting caught out cheating. Means nothing. Totally ground breaking. The last series I was totally hooked by a girl who managed to maintain a totally pretentious facade for the whole series with no regret. Didn't drop her act to show the real person once. Amazing. TV is huge. I want it. J-Lo's butt. Huge. I want it. Its sold to me through a screen and I want it.

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