September 03, 2005


Pretty bizzare to walk into the local shop this morning to find left and right wing papers condemning the US govt for its reaction to hurricaine Katrina. "Third world America" says the Daily mail (Tory women's paper) "Left to die" says the Sun.

I don't read a lot of left wing US blogs so I didn't know that George Bush was also called "Chimpy" and "Scooter" I gave up demonizing Blair and Bush etc a long while back as it is counter productive and gives them a fictional power which I am not sure they deserve. I think both are more misguided than evil. I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

r&b you're mis-informed. louisiana was declared a disaster area before katrina ever hit land.

DAVE BONES said...

An area the size of the UK is wipped out and they have to wait for pen pushers? Didn't they watch TV?

Anonymous said...

all three states were declared the day katrina hit...the news said prior to landfall.