September 07, 2005

Du Monde

Its one thing joining in debates with Republicans on their own blogs in hope of some progress (which I believe we are making in a way that never existed in such a splendid manner before

Its quite another taking the piss out of a new stranger who is in all probability on your "own side"

Why did I call du monde a "cheese eating surrender monkey?"

Mr. Du Monde, if you ever make it over to my blog I have linked to your blog already and you haven't even got one yet.

Where would you like to be? left? right? or all over the place?

(also check out "extreme golfing" here)


DAVE BONES said...

Cheers R&B I'd love to hear more about your experiences at Wako. I've seen the Wako documentary which claims the news around the situation was fabricated. Very interesting. I couldn't really understand the implications though.

I remember one of the only "gun and bomb freaks" I knew on the London squatting scene at the time really foaming about it all. (Don't worry, he was too f**d up on silly pills to be a danger.)

No. I missed the bit about talking points. Lefties are claiming that you are all controlled?

On Sparkles blog?


I'd like to see anyone try and control her or give her "talking points"


Makes me want to set up a fake official looking Republican email address to send her some "talking points" from to see what kind of reply I would get from her.


I think its hilarious how "lefties" find her, see the teeth, see the pink (until recently) and see red. I saw the same thing. The easy thing to do would have been what they are doing, to slag her and demonise her etc until she chucked me off then to claim it as vindication for my actions. The harder (to remain polite about Bush for instance) thing to do was to stick about and find some common ground. Didn't take long in Sparkles case.

I'm exasperated to be honest. I talk to Repubs who are supposed to be demons, I speak to Islamists who the heads of your government and mine call demons. I cant see it. You're all nice people. Why can't we use TV to work it all out?

There was a fantastic documentary on Channel 4 after the elections over here exposing how all the "real people" the Blair campaign were boasting about him meting were what they called "endorsers" and how their undercover reporter was made to write letters to newspapers to fake grass root support.

There weren't riots in the street after it aired though and the government has so far not fallen. Strange country.

As for the good old "Zionist media conspiracy" because no one talks about it in any depth on TV, so the Islamists I speak to take it as proof, along with pointing out how many Jewish people are heads of media over here.

If I was going to do a piece for TV I would ask Alan Yentob, Danny Cohen et all what they think about it all for balance. Simple. What is anyone scared of?

As I've said, the continual "hard line" on putting Hamza on TV but silent, with sensible up their a**s newsanchors speaking over him provokes fantasy in peoples mind and provokes his friends to see a unified "covering up" which they believe is controlled by Government and media in partnership.

As a neutral, I see that it could also be an "upper middle class" indignation about some of the things Mr. Hamza HAS said, and the fact that he was on state benefits.

I chose to put a "man in the street" confronting him about this on "a year on the street" instead of one of the stupid journalists because that was what I wanted to see.

The man had read the papers and was angry enough as a British citizen to come down and confront Hamza face to face. Good on him. There is someone who cares about his country whether I agree with him or not. I much prefer Hamza's "come on man" defence to him too as it didn't have the arogance he often displayed confronting highly paid proffesional idiots.

My films show the truth, from their perspective and mine of what they think. I haven't done any Michael Moore voice overs. I think people make judgements for themselves.

What am I supposed to be scared of?

They are "one chip wonders" cos I also am just a concerned citizen. I did what I could with the tools I could get hold of (I was squatting at the time being evicted all over north london) we got evicted on TV once.

I've seen the Dispatches piece on Hamza and yes I don't believe the voice they "stung" him with was his.


When Danny Cohen from Channel 4 turned down the opportunity to fly Sparkle and her friends over to meet with Abu Hamza's friends and family, one of the Muslims said

"What do you expect? His names Cohen".

I make no judgement. I'd talk to you, the Islamists, Jewish heads of media, your dog, Osama Bin Laden, anyone-

and make sure with everyone that what I put up accurately portrayed what they had to say.

Its fun. I enjoy it.

I can see that people read into a film makers intentions. You translated my inclusion of the "nothing!" clip at the beginning of "preachers of hate" in a way that certainly hadn't occured to me.

Thats fine. Its a good talking point.

And I see what you mean in some ways. I am certainly jaded by protest but what else to do?

DAVE BONES said...

Oh, and about the "control group" I am careful these days to make no judgement about things I cannot know for myself. I have a suspicion that you are probably right.

I've read what Mr. Rothschild is supposed to have said about

"Let me control the money and I do not care what government..."

(I've probably misquoted a bit)

I am concerned that it seems to be a fact that the Swiss banks who bankrolled Hitler were run by a rich Jewish elite.

DAVE BONES said...

Oh and the ex-head of the BBC world service is the dad of a friend of mine. When I discussed the Zionist media conspiracy with him he chortled wisely and said

"I thought that my part of the BBC was if anything under represented by Jewish peole."

DAVE BONES said...

Nice one, I think we are looking on Sparkles forum no? Blogs are good. Everything you say is bizzare.

Hamza and co tried to insist on live interviews after the dispatches incident. (didn't get any)

The hard left maybe favoured. The hard left HATE fundamental islam more than they hate bush.

what were you on TV about? why would you be on an fbi list and then be a republican? sounds like an interesting journey.

DAVE BONES said...

The "hard left" seem to believe that the UK media make a very carefully constructed show of being open and objective. I make no judgement.

I don't think the same as you about TV, it is a medium I like to expreiment with though I haven't had as many opportunities as you have.

I'd like to hear about your experiences. If you'd like to write them as a series, as often or as infrequently as you like we'd love to serialise them on socialistwanker

We are all working for love at the moment but if we have huge capitalist sucess it would be shared.

(what am I talking about?)

dreaming again.

I.:.S.:. said...

The "hard left" don't hate fundamental Islam though, it seems. Been to any marches or demos lately? All hijacked by the Muslims! Remember the one at Eid with that drunk upper-class woman on stage? "Yesh and in sholidarity with our Mushlim brothersh and shisters who are breaking their holy fast now... and I shall be joining them for a gin and tonic after..."