September 23, 2005


Reformation USA

The one thing I am completely sure of is that neither party deserves the mantels they have chosen to identify themselves with. The Republican party has abandoned the conservative philosophy, despite their spin and likewise, the Democratic party has abandoned the liberal philosophy, despite their spin. Both parties are in the pocket of big business and perhaps they always have been. I do not believe a word any of them say... I have no faith in our system. Because the Republicans are in complete power today it is easy to take shots at their open hypocrisy and lies but the Democrats are no better.

I recall a quote, some place or another, and I apologize for not recalling who to credit but the gist of the quote is "There is no limit to what a single man can accomplish, so long as he doesn't care who gets credit". Every..... Single..... Day..... I have to deal with and watch people who are more interested in getting credit than they are in doing what is right or what needs to be done.

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