September 26, 2005


The way I see it: white people are trifling and white people bullshit is fucking everything up in this country...

R: Was Mamaw an Indian?

****For the sake of clarification, my mother’s mother was called Mamaw and my father’s mother was called Granny****

M: No. I told you before – many times -- that her grandmother or her great grandmother was. That’s where your high cheekbones and the black hair come from. Her people were called West. That’s all I know.

Remember Stefs comments?


Heres another one, and another, and another.

Heres some serious research on the subject.

and heres a poem.

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Stefanie said...

Yep. When you're a white southerner, you have the need to be "ethnic" to show that you're not racist. What's better than Cherokee? Then, you're American + Native American = Super Duper Double American with sprinkles!