September 08, 2005


Rightwingsparkle tells me we are in the same tribe. I want to believe that. It is very interesting how our perspectives of George Bush are polar opposites. Everyone, even Tony Blair, even Abu Hamza seem like nice guy's to me. I'm sure Hitler's friends would say "You just didn't understand him". They are all nice guy's. I have no idea how many, if any innocent deaths Abu Hamza is responsible for. I KNOW George Bush is responsible for thousands of innocent deaths in Iraq. I KNOW he mostly keeps silent about thousands of innocent deaths in Chechenya.I know that his family are involved in the stranglehold a few rich families have on the arab world.

I see Osama bin Laden as someone who is fighting back against this using tactics that I disagree with.

Maybe George Bush is just a nice person who I don't understand properly. Or maybe he is the one who doesn't quite understand what he is involved in.


BigDog said...

I am afraid we will have to disagree on many things, but I would like to take up the issue of "nice guys." Are these world leaders "nice guys", really? Are the comments of their closest associates genuine or the product of fear or ambition? There are many ways to analyse the issue, but let me put forward my Dog Theory.

Not surprisingly, I like dogs. My best friend is a dog. I judge people on the way they behave toward dogs and the way dogs react to them. Dogs take on much of the personality of their owner(s). It is said the best way to judge a man's charactor is the way his dog and his small children behave around him, but children learn to put on a defensive facade early if needed. Dogs can't lie.

Hitler made a lot of noise of course about German culture. Not surprisingly, he favored German Shepards, which in Britain are called Alsatians, I understand. You ever watch those old black and white Hitler home movies, with Adolf acting for the camera? The humans are all smiles. How homey. Hitler's dogs wag their tails and lay their ears back, submissively. Note, however, how Hitler has to coax them, and how they sidle as they approach. They cringe. That is all I really need to know about Hitler's true personality.

Saddam made little effort to disguise his vicious nature. His closest confidants were terrified of him. Even when they were relaxing in one of his many palaces. When Saddam was a boy, he used to carry around an iron bar which he used to stab any dogs he encountered. Enough said.

I will leave it to observers to note how others, such as the Bush or Blair, Hamza or Osama, are judged.

The Scrutinator said...

Interesting indeed.

db: "The thing is, it isn't what the media say about him. Its EVERY WORD that comes out of his own mouth. The blank expression on his face."

Interesting how two different people, both sane(?), could watch (presumably) the same footage and come away with such different opinions.

One bellwether is how uncritically one views Michael Moore's films. (Remember his techniques.)

db: "I KNOW George Bush is responsible for thousands of innocent deaths in Iraq."

At the rate Saddam was killing Iraqis, Bush has saved thousands of innocent deaths in Iraq, despite the thousands that have died.

Casting bin Laden in the Leftist rebel image is irresistible. And I'm sure he's glad to leverage it. But he's really interested in the world-wide caliphate. Sharia. ("If you can't sell them in the marketplace, then kill them." Right?)

BigDog said...

Oh, a serious comment :-)

Scrutinator: You are right. Osama is not "fighting back", he is a wannabe conquerer. Even a casual examination of his motives reveals that he wants power, to rule muslims and subjugate (enslave) non-muslims.

DAVE BONES said...

Bigdog, thakyou. That is a great analogy. I will seriously scrutinise how I see Mr Bush behave with his scotties next time I see some footage or find some on the internet.

If the guesses I make in this post are correct I would imagine that Bush's scotties (is there one or many?) probably sleep at the end of Bush's bed and lick his face, and cower everytime Rumsfeld or George Bush senior come to tea. I'm guessing.

I will also try and dig out the link to the flash cartoon game with Bush's scotties on the whitehouse lawn killing liberals.

Scrutinator! welome back!

Its amazing that you link to eject!eject!eject! I haven't read it and I ain't got time to read that guys analogies if the one rightwingsparkle pointed me to the other day is anything to go by.

I've read all the fantastic stuff written about Michael Moore by intellectual repubs. I'm so happy that Michael Moore has provided some real money for this republican subclass.

DAVE BONES said...

Did this guy miss anything out about Michael Moore?

I say again.

"MIchael Moore" and "skillfull and manipulative in the same sentence.


DAVE BONES said...

Sorry I can't even click on a link which takes me to eject eject eject. Tell me, is it a really really long piece? Is the guy going on about sheep and dogs and pigs and wolves and goats?

If Michael Moore got some of his facts a bit wrong but the big picture right I certainly wouldn't be suprised. Thats his style.

DAVE BONES said...

Oh, and I had also better conceed that although I can see the "Big picture" Osama has of Muslim's being oppressed by dictators with US backing, I do not want the same future for the planet that he does.

I.:.S.:. said...

For a new take on this all, here's Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell saying Osama is the wrath of God manifest on America because of the Godless ways of the American Civil Liberties Union... This is amazing stuff, if it were made-up satire it'd be too cartoony for anyone to take seriously...