September 16, 2005


OK. When I've posted about these guys before some have accused them of "being anti-semetic" and "linking to nazi sites"

These guys are the closest thing on the web to a representation of Islamic opinions I heard in Finsbury park. This post explains what the youth seem to feel about Islamic leadership in Britain:

No sooner had the British Government said jump; some Muslims responded by saying in true colonial subject style, “Yes Sir how high would you like us to jump”.

To some Muslims, saying No to Government is simply not in their vocabulary. To them, just being in the presence of Government Officials is an awe inspiring experience. Others are involved for the progression of their political party careers and to serve their Leader, Blair.

Many others are on board to milk the system for their own pet interests and projects. There is also another group of participants, a new breed of Muslims seeking to become Islamic consultants in the manner of Race consultants (so the recommendations will inevitably involve commissioning out identified areas of work).

These Muslims have made, or wish to make a career in an Islamic Relations Industry to rival the race experts. Of course there are also many that are sincere but politically naïve, and then there are also those who genuinely believe that their version of Islam is the true one, and has been hijacked by extremists who need to be countered.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree, MPACUK are not anti-semitic and their views are infact quite representative.

Like your blog too