September 24, 2005


I focus so much on Republicans and Fundamental Islamists I forget to big up my mates sometimes.

Peace Not War at Cargo

Fantastic. Fun-da-mental DJ set rocking as usual. Lots of Punjabiisms over some really tough beats. Asian dub Foundation, two guys rapping over drum and bass? Worked great. Nice crowd. It feels to me as if the Republicans have won. They get what they want in my country let alone their own. Sometimes "peace campaigners" or "moonbats" look as beaten as they are. Not at Cargo. Really bright, profesionaly put together entertainment from a really positive posse.

Kalahari LSE Houghton st

What a fantastic gig last night. Its always good when you realise someone you know in passing is actually a really talented musician. Gaudi. What a great live act. Beatboxing, theremone, random percussion. Dub remixes of the Cure and Nirvana (I think) kicking out amazing music to top a night of amazing music and no trance anywhere. Nice to see my backdrops up and so well presented along with some really beautiful decor. Lovely people. Hilarious security guard at the end of the night actually started locking the doors as we were trying to get equipment out. Theres always one isn't there. Nice bouncers for this type of venue though.


Anonymous said...

But Asian Dub are the idiots writing "Gaddafi, the Opera," in which they state their intent to show both sides of the Colonel. I read an interview where they said they hadn't decided whether to include the Lockerbie bombing, because they weren't sure what to believe about. Also, they turned for expertise to Seif Gaddafi, the Colonel's only semi-normal son

DAVE BONES said...

right. Opera. That must be their "we hope you like our new direction" album. I read somewhere that a scottish Policeman was saying the Lockerbie evidence was planted by the CIA, I'll have to dig up the reference.

The peace not war crew were giving out a free dvd called "confronting the evidence" about 9/11 as well.