September 03, 2005


OK. Area the size of the UK devastated. Sparkle is off volunteering in the Astrodome. I'm not going to comment too much on the politics of the situation. Newsnight covers it pretty good.

I'm going to take this opportunity where I see Republicans and Democrats arguing about such intense issues, and also working together as individuals to repair such a huge natural disaster to chuck out my new mini movie Preachers of Hate

transcript here

This is sort of "part 2" of A year on the street and focuses on the two guys either side of Abu Hamza as he stood, sat and was at some points literally held up as he took on the media from the street in Finsbury park. Regular readers will know that I am sort of banking on the incredible sounding idea that the Supporters of Shareeah are not what government and media are telling us that they are. This film shows a little of why I hold this opinion.

If I turn out to be wrong I will be very disapointed.

Although I disagree very strongly with these people on a number of issues, and I have seen film of Abu Hamza saying some things which I find shocking, over the time I spent filming they focused massively on the same injustice apparent to me in the world. They also preached against the killing of innocents in this country.

If I turn out to be right, a real opportunity for peace with "Fundamental Islam" has been totally wasted. If I am wrong, the Sun, the Daily Mail and such like are all justified. Those are pretty big odds which I have found very hard to deal with on an emotional level over the years even though I have very much enjoyed filming these people.

I'd like to thank all the journalists, Muslims, Republicans and pot heads for their words of encouragement along the way.


Journalists like Colin Baker (ITN) Christopher Peacock (ITN I think) Christine Phillips (BBC London) Vivian White (Panorama) Tom and the other guy (can't remember the name) who are in some of the pictures from Finsbury park on Socialistwanker. The Canadian news cameraman who is in this film, whoever he is...

bloggers like Mike H, the Scrutinator ,The Deekster, Angie, Rightwingsparkle, Bill X Nilsson, Oxen and Tequilita

Every Muslim who bothered to talk to me in Finsbury park, especially Hajj, Jamal, Abu Abdullah, Mr. Abdullah the bookseller guy and friend, Abu Hamza and sons Mustapha and Mohssain Ghalian, also Samir, his brother, "the Algerians" and the bright young guys who appear in A Year on the Street wherever they now worship.

Muslim's outside of Finsbury park, notably Adnan Saddiqui from and Aki Nawaz from Fun-da-Mental.

others, notably Anna and Charlie, Steve and Dom from the Synergy project, Jo from United Diversity and Precious from Revolution Gogo Broadcasting.

Not forgetting some of the guys from the UBA who have been in touch.

I really hope that the civilized majority will one day unite across political and religious divides and sieze real power in a peaceful manner. I do not doubt that it is possible.


Deek Deekster said...

Let's do it! (peacefully)

Downloading now...

I.:.S.:. said...

...only it's "Mike Camel" these days, in a half-hearted attempt to disguise my real identity.