September 02, 2005


Here's some proper Malung-tv-news in the mainstream. Having been away over the last few days I missed all the news about Hurricaine Katrina, though we passed through a masive deluge maybe 40 miles outside London and were suprised to find the capital unscathed and people sitting outside pubs in summer dresses as we drove in.

I'm a bit sad to see Mrs. Rightwingsparkle taking so much flack on the subject as although I disagree entirely with her perception of George Bush I know she is a definative "caring conservative" in every sense. All of our mainstream TV news in the UK is making direct links between what they call "The US faliure" and misappropriation of resources towards a "War on Terror" .

Krishnan Guru-Murthy from Channel4 snowmails

Anarchy hits US storm relief

The news out of New Orleans is getting harder to believe every hour.
The world's only superpower seems to have lost control of the situation.
Thousands of people are still stranded without food, water or medicine.
Tens of thousands more homeless...

People are starting to ask whether or not the warning and evacuation
was mishandled. If people are being forced to leave now then why not at
the weekend before Katrina struck? And there are increasing voices
emerging about the warnings that were ignored.

Federal funds were denied to strengthen the levees. Was America so
obsessed with fighting terror that it forgot what homeland security really
means? And does the demographic breakdown of those worst hit -
predominantly poor and black have anything to do with how little was done to
help them?

channel 4 report here

For the same story written in Black click here

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