September 23, 2005

US TV Stuck on stupid?

We always get the impression over here that US TV is some how "lower" than what we are served up in the UK. I don't know, I thought this clip of two old men arguing about war on Fox was pretty comprehensive. I'd rather see this than Paxman talking to people over his nose. Also via the fleeing (I hope) Mrs.Sparkle this excellent "Stuck on Stupid" newsclip.


The Scrutinator said...

"Stuck on Stupid" just puts it so succinctly, doesn't it? The press aren't above scrutiny themselves.

There are plenty of things I don't like about Fox News, but one thing I do like is the way they puncture the press' pseudo-intellectual facade.

DAVE BONES said...

These two clips are certainly a lot more "rough edge" than I would have imagined fox to be.

The Scrutinator said...

Uh-oh! You're being "outfoxed"!


DAVE BONES said...

never seen that one, I'll look for a free download