September 11, 2005


Woke up. Couldn't sleep. I was in India, or someplace. There were hippies everywhere, partying, enjoying themselves. I had the feling that I didn't have much money and couldn't realy partake in third world hedonism. I moved away. Inland a bit. I saw a group of 60 or more people massaging each other on the sand around a central hippie guru. I went to speak to him and thought about joining in.

The transition is unclear, but I then found myself in an old Indian wooden building, narrow but at least 5 floors. It was full of westerners. I stepped through a neatly aranged pile of a typical "lonely planet" travellers belongings, complete with tablets only the amount of stuff was exagerated.

I walked towards a stircase and bumped into a friend of mine who left his life here and went off to India years ago. I was really pleased, and couldn't beliee we had re-met under such circumstance.

"Shit! Keith! How are you man?" I asked, grabbing his shoulder warmly on the staircase.

"You are shouting. You need to chill man." he said and went to walk up stairs.

I couldn't believe it. I walked outside and i the distance snow was lying on the sand. Hippies were body surfing this snow somehow as I walked towards them.

Somehow I came round in a room full of hippies chopping down ganja plants at the stem and talking to each other enthusiastically about their harvest. My heart was in my mouth. If I was caught here I would go to an Indian jail for a long time. If my mother found out it would kill her. I couldn't stay here.

I walked outside into another room which was full of brand new tiny sports cars, with a few ganga plants drying against them.

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