September 30, 2005


Now this is proper Malung-TV-news in the mainstream again. The Billboards scream "Exclusive: Cocaine at Labour party conference!" The London Evening Standard haven't got it on their rather staid website But the scotsman have it here

Asked about the cocaine allegations, a Labour source said: "We don't have a line on that".

You know what I mean? These guys think they are fucking funny. Loads of great entrepreneurial minds languish in prison because of their hypocrisy. Poor people risk their stomachs, entrails and prison in hope of getting a bit richer. Criminals control most of Bolivia and Columbia.

"We don't have a line on that"

HA ha ha ha ha ha ha you are so fucking hilarious you new labour TWAT.

More Cocaine news via drugspot.


DAVE BONES said...

these owl worshippers can get away with sniffing anything.

I.:.S.:. said...

Dave your writing is getting very good I like it. You should write for someone, like Socialist Wanker.

I.:.S.:. said...

"One of your political parties has a cocain orgy and no one cares?"

I was just talking with a friend about how London must be one of the most drug-saturated cities, anywhere, really. We can get any drug here, in quality and all cheap (good cocaine, as a status symbol, retains its high price).

Everyone through the whole spectrum of society does it. I've taken cocaine with a lord, or more accurately an honourable (which means he becomes a lord when his dad croaks).

Something like 80-90 per cent of banknotes returned to the Bank of England show traces of cocaine. I've found wraps of coke on the street (in areas where they deal on the street, they'll leave bits in cigarette packets in the gutter or whatever to hide it). It seems every time I stop at a red light, there's a guy in a van obviously on their way to some job sitting with his feet on the dashboard skinning up a joint. I can get anything delivered to my door.

Drugs are fucking everywhere, this moral outrage and hysteria is hypocrisy of the highest stinking order.

The piss-test thing, like they do in the States everywhere, just wouldn't go down here. It may be reasonable for airline pilots or whatever, but all-round urinalysis is still against our civil liberties, which are in a reasonable state in this country.

Or maybe they're just too inefficient to maintain a functioning surveillance society. "Sorry, not my department... Let me put you on hold..." Forever...

DAVE BONES said...

How much did they pay you for that squatting article?

DAVE BONES said...

No ones told any dealers I know about these E's for 50p the papers were raving about.

I.:.S.:. said...

I'll get you Es for 50p. No, I won't, I hate dealing, I'm too lazy for it.

Look, an E is cheaper than a pint of beer in a pub. Agreed?

They didn't pay me anything. Should they have? Can you go and extort some money from them for me?