September 16, 2005


I love the guy. Gave me hope watching his program when there was none for many long years but if I had a piece of fudge for every time the geezer used the word "fudge" I'd have a nice little bag of fudge by now.

Fudging at the UN

I can confess that I lobbied hard to go to this epic United Nations
summit in New York with 170 leaders at the biggest gathering the world has
ever seen. But my editor knows better than me, he can smell a bad story
a mile off.

Any great idealistic hopes we may have had that in some way this great
organisation was going to be rebooted for the better of humankind is
out of the window. The odour of stale cooking wafts from Second Avenue,
New York, and the flavour is fudge, yip, that distinctive smell of UN

Jonathan Rugman is there braving the cooking pots and the cant, or to
be more precise, the can't, including an uninspiring speech from the
President of the lone super power.

Jon Snow snowmails

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