September 13, 2005

Partying with the Kallash tribe in the North-west frontier province in 2000. A full-on Animist fertility culture in an area where Osama Bin Laden could (and probably does) walk around freely.

On the "tribal dance floor"kids from 14-16 years old are actively encouraged to flirt and find a wife and groups of young Karachi male tourists (who the tribe have a lot of trouble with) are punched in the face if they get too close whilst the local Muslim Police with AK-47s turn a blind eye. I smoked a spliff with one of them.

When America invaded Afghanistan I should imagine a lot of Taliban came through the pass at the top of the valley. I met Taliban on their way through when I was there including a couple of British guys. The Kallash are culturally threatened by Islam. If they want to get anywhere in larger Pakistan it pays to convert. I wonder if an influx of Pakistani taliban into the area has proved any problem to them. the kids faces still haunt me. They were amazing.


I.:.S.:. said...

I wouldnahave posted that photo of you if I was you, very courageous.

Why are you suddenly going on about hippies? I'm cancelling my subscription, gimme my money back.

DAVE BONES said...

where did I say hippie?

DAVE BONES said...

you aree more of a hippie than all of them.