September 06, 2005


Listening to the radio I've heard of an electoral survey which says that 18% of people in London aren't registered to vote. Can't find a link online yet.

The Labour woman said:

"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"

The Conservative reaction was:

"Woomph, woomph, womph, woomph, woomph, woomph, woomph" and something about compulsory voting.

I don't know. Maybe the concept of choice would be a good idea! More choice than Tweedle dum, tweedle dee and Tweedle TWAT.

I don't usually buy newspapers, especially lefty ones, but the Guardians "Special K" drug of choice, page 3 got 60p out of my pocket straight away. For previous Malung-TV Ketamine stories see (HIT HIM WITH A PIECE OF WOOD, ALLAH AND JAHILIAH, THIS ROOM IS THE EARTH and the first Hamza related blog I ever wrote LIES AND MORE LIES)

Our in depth, dutifully researched socialistwanker ketamine movie is here, which Mr. Camel (Camel? Are you sure Mike?) tells me was made by the author of this enlightened report into squat culture in London.

Here we go then...

Firstly, ain't nobody calls Ketamine "Special K". Maybe on the gay scene. Don't know... just looked at our own webmagazine and apparently Mr. Camel does so maybe I'm wrong.

"The emergence of ketamine as a key substance of choice is an entirely new phenomenon since we carried out the survey in 2004 when it didn't figure at all" says Harry Shapiro

Harry you are SACKED. Get your cards. You have BLATANTLY conned decent law abiding people into believing you are an authority. I remember Madona talking about doing K years ago. My big binge year was 1999 in India and it was already popular in London then.

Ketamine is being sold for as little as £15 a gram in London and Nottingham, half the average UK cost

K has recently gone up to £15 under extreme protest for no bloody good reason. Don't encourage the capitalist drug dealing scum.

"...You can spot them on the dance floor because they are not dancing, they're sitting down in a bit of a vegetative state."

Trick is to wave your arms about as you are coming up. You should then be able to remember how to move as it hits. Most of the time. Maybe...

The rise...has alarmed Home office ministers who have decided to outlaw it...

Prohibition! That'll work wont it! Always has done in the past hasn't it? Just once I'd like to spike some of these New Labour coke heads with Ketamine.

battlefield surgery in Vietnam

I heard about this when everyone was claiming it was "Just a horse tranquiliser" (neigh) . I have yet to read a good Vietnam K story and I have spent time looking for one.

Giving K to a German guy to try for the first time in Goa I warned him about how fast it could come on. As I watched his eyes glaze he went silent for ten minutes and then said slowly

"My horses are all asleep. Totally tranquilized."

If it is mixed with ecstasy it can bring back E sensations

Totally. trick is to do everything else first. In Goa I used to take it at the end of an acid trip. Just when everything got too confusing I could blast myself through the cosmos and come down more or less straight in an hour or so. Most off my bollox I've ever been in my life. Only time I've ever stood and watched a whole dance floor moving in slow motion for what seemed like an eternity of bliss.

The Advisory council...said recreational users were unlikely to come to harm

Apparently it was used on the battlefield because it was such a safe tranquiliser to self administer

Traditionally ketamine pills came from vet surgeries but recently...shipped from India in Rosewater bottles


I have NEVER seen a Ketamine pill IN MY LIFE. The drip down at the back of the throat makes it bad enough putting the shit up your nose. I would not ingest the stuff through my stomach lining in a hurry. It all comes from India except for my secret UK medical source I lost contact with some time ago.

ecstacy pills 50p in Portsmouth, £1 in Birmingham

Thankyou. Hope the capitalist drug dealing scum are reading...

Dealers offering two for one..

If a dealer EVER offered me two for one on ANYTHING I would run away convinced he was a fucking copper.

And in more mainstream media advertisments for drug consumers apparently if you want cheap Cannabis, pssst! the word on the street is you got to go to Cardiff. Although the Belfast telegraph reckon there is some sort of "Druglink Street Prices 2005 survey" we should be looking into.

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