September 04, 2005


Its not nice being back in the city and it isn't the air polution which bothers me. The "image polution" is far worse.

This image of Kate Moss is on every single fuckin bus stop in London. Does anyone else think she looks like a rabbit? The only person who looks more like a rabbit is her fucking boyfriend.

I suppose these models eat rabbit food so maybe the rabbit face follows. I watched some trash "Top 100 models" show on TV and except for the bald black one I found it really hard to tell them apart. I would prescribe a good dose of myxamatosis.

And who the fuck this side of 1985 finds girls with red clouds painted on their cheeks attractive? Ugly, ill, giraffe legs.


BigDog said...

they are both looking in the same direction too... What are they looking at? Carrots?

DAVE BONES said...

You know what I mean? I'm going to go round painting floppy ears on the fucking things.