September 05, 2005

Very Topical Snowmail

Hey! The government are going to do something!

(Wait for it...)

Clarke lays out the new rules

Topping out on Charles Clarke who emerged today to set out plans for
curbing deporting and otherwise moving against 'preachers of hate'.
Slight development on what Blair had already forecast, strong suspicions
that instantaneous deportations will not be possible at all soon if ever.

One interesting point - will clerics who call for the assassination of
other people's democratically elected heads state be vulnerable to this
new legislation? Step forwards former US Presidential candidate Rev.
Pat Robertson - yesterday he called for the assassination of Venezuela's
elected president, Hugo Chavez. Will Mr Robertson be banned as a
'Preacher of Hate'? Watch this space.



Jesus! At last! I feel so much safer now.


DAVE BONES said...

You sound like a humanoid but me thinks you are a robot in disguise..

tell me it isn't so.

DAVE BONES said...

And I've already said to someone today


Don't come here using the "C" word when it is still summer.


I'm going to cry now.