September 12, 2005


Remember Live 8? I was well enthusiastic about it and thought that poverty was going to be made history in my lifetime.

The Man Who Betrayed the Poor
Even as the G8 promises fall apart, Geldof stays silent
by George Monbiot

America's black children are twice as likely as whites to die before their first birthday.

I saw somewhere that half of the children in the third world live in poverty.

Pverty isn't history.

And Geldof says........??????????


I.:.S.:. said...

what surely you can't have been expecting him to actually do it?

that's what all the hippies were about in the dream, your idealism gone rampant and wild.

shit these word verification tests are getting more and more difficult...

DAVE BONES said...

If Geldof opened his mouth, even now, he could achieve something with the worldwide publicity focused.

Your work in Africa is honourable. Much more than I am doing.

If Bush and co made as much effort overturning African leaders to set the poor free I would be up for this type of "globalization".

I don't believe his intentions in Afghanistan or Iraq have been for the poor. The leader in Afghanistan was in the pay of Oil companies.

I think this is his buisness.

I.:.S.:. said...

"2. We're not taking Iraq's oil. If we were taking Iraq's oil in repayment of what it cost to free the millions of Iraqis, I would agree with that move. But we are not. Why not?"

This was thought-provoking in that it prodded me into researching a little bit what exactly is happening with Iraq's oil.

The US ("we"? Who, you personally?) are not taking Iraq's oil in the sense that tanker's are shipping millions of barrels of it home as spoils of war. But the US have guaranteed that it will keep flowing (and the contracts landing) in the direction of itself or vaguely friendly/allied countries.

Is it really so difficult to simply agree to the proposition: "One of the contributing/influencing factors in how the Gulf wars have played out is Iraq's oil wealth"?

How can you possibly disagree with that?

I.:.S.:. said...

Look this, which quotes various sources on the subject.

DAVE BONES said...

No idea about the Owl God. Not enough information to make a judgement.

Doesn't Karzai work for Unocal or used to?