September 17, 2005


Good question.

Sparkle pointed this one out. If you read the comments below someone has got round to claiming that Black people have lower "IQs" than whites. I think everyone debating are whitefolk but aparently Sparkle has a cherokee grandmother. She links to an interesting article in the Black Commentator called "Is Condi Rice President Bush's pet negro?"

Is Condi Rice black? I think its worthy of some research.

My favourite two bloggers who are black are Angry Black Bitch and Fresh truth is Dangerous

I wonder what they would have to say on the subject.


Stefanie said...

Lesson # 267 about Americans: 99% of white Americans swear up and down that they had a Cherokee grandmother. Especially when you're from the South.
I promise I'm not making this up. Usually, the story will end with "and she couldn't even speak English" or "and that's where my family gets their high cheekbones from!"

DAVE BONES said...

ha ha ha ha ha

you really don't like this woman do you?

I.:.S.:. said...

Is no a joke, David.

When I started reading this I thought to myself "well, damn! My friend Sarah had a Cherokee grandmother too! What a coincidence!" And I was just about to comment about how that must have been where she got her high cheekbones from, and then I noticed what Stef said... And then I started thinking "shit! I'm sure I've heard that somewhere else as well!"

Why is it always Cherokee and not, say Hopi, or Nez-Perce, or whatever?

Anonymous said...

i don't think i've ever seen anyone with low cheekbones.

DAVE BONES said...

shes my mate.You'd all love her really.